Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pre-Blogger Blog entries, March-July '06

Like we said earlier, except you haven't seen it yet -- this "latest is first and earlier is later" characteristic of blogs can be kind of odd -- we've had this blog going for several months now. So here's a linky index to all those already-archival bits:

How About an iTunes "Pro"?

! (at Trader Joe's)

again on Boston.com

"The whole problem with the world..."

Quoted in WebInno Podcast


We're quoted on Boston.com

Web Innovators Group "WebInno" event

Pogue's Favorite Tools

1st Let's Get Web 1.0 Right

Dean Kamen's Energy Inventions

Award for Best Green Invention?

= = = = = = =

the "Pre-Blog"
(For all those great ideas from before we started.)

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