Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Channel Getting Cleared?

Since the topic is Radio In The News; and we are all for a tilt back towards greater local ownership of media, for all the reasons stated in this bulletin of Nov. 17th:

“Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold has weighed in on the announced Clear Channel buyout and divestment of nearly 450 radio stations, and count him among the crowd that is happy to see the break-up of the media giant's reign on American radio.

"’Clear Channel has been the poster child for rapid consolidation in the radio industry, which has severely damaged the diversity, local flavor, and popularity of radio,’ said Feingold. ‘I hope the recently announced sale and divestment of around 450 stations marks an end to this ill-conceived experiment. And I urge the FCC to start taking more seriously its obligation to ensure the greatest benefit to the radio listener through increased localism and competition."

From FMQB (Friday Morning Quarterback), a radio industry magazine begun in 1968.
Senator Feingold might be celebrating a little early, though, since Clear Channel is only selling those stations that are not in the top 100 markets. In those city-states, they often own quite a few stations, meaning we're hearing a much smaller number of editorial voices than we realize.

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