Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Great Signs, and one wonders...

Found while searching for something else -- some irresistably funny signage:

(The bottom line reads, "Also, the bridge is out ahead." Oh; thanks.)

Another clever one:
Kudos to North Vancouver.

This is from an inscrutable weblog named, "City Comforts, temporarily known as Viaduct, the blog." Huh? It then contains the mysterious description, "What was this Blog About?", which they claim was, "Cities, architecture, the 'new urbanism,' real estate, historic preservation, urban design..." So naturally, the current item at the moment is on the new Apple iPhone (but I'm linking here to Macworld's take).

It appears they have a big debate going on in Seattle about fixing the Viaduct, asking the timeless question, "Could Seattle do without its elevated highway?" Funny to read from a Boston perspective, where they went in the opposite direction and Dug Big, for the greatest public work project/boondoggle in history. With that in mind, we applaud Seattle's elevated thinking.

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