Monday, September 10, 2007

"Love Is A No-Brainer"

Here, certainly, is the most off-topic entry yet for this humble weblog -- it's an axiom that occurred to me almost a year ago, and its accuracy has just recently been brought home to me again, even though it needed no further proof. (Of course there's a story behind it... which you'll be glad to learn I'm not going to share. In the immortal words of Stan Lee in Marvel Comics, " 'Nuff said!")

I love this phrase, though, because it's a highly useful reminder to us all, and contains the required multi-level meaning. We all understand the popular term "no-brainer" to indicate an obvious choice; but this goes that extra step further to explain that where love is concerned, your brain is not involved.

Remember this point; it might come in handy some day. ; - )

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