Friday, August 25, 2017

Facebook, LinkedIn… and Back Around to Blogger

All of my blogging energy for years now has gone into my locality of Facebook, and the blog has mostly been left sitting here, wondering when I would return.  (Blogs are a lot like dogs that way – they just wait.)

But recently I've begun dropping articles (now known more as "long posts,") in LinkedIn, too.
The three-part "Economizing on High Quality Documentation Projects" is the current one.

That, in turn, has brought me back here – how do I want to use the "old fashioned" public blog?
The first answer to that was to go back and find the posts that I'm happiest about, the most proud of, that say things that bear repeating (at least one more time), and republish them, annotated. 

That starts with this "Introductory Demarcation Point," which you apparently are still reading.  Good!

(I'm terming this bit that way only because an "introduction" is a logical unit that would only function correctly at the beginning of what it describes, at the top, right?  But in a blog, they immediately sink to the bottom as soon as what they were previewing appears and pushes them out of the way. Even after over 10 years, I still find that clumsy.)

Well, whatta ya gonna do?  Each medium has its quirks to match its virtues.

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